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Turn even the most sweltering conditions into cool boating comfort.
The integrated Blue Cool Premium system with multiple temperature controls are the perfect solution for multi-cabin vessels. The compact Classic models provide fast, affordable cooling. Both can be combined with heating units for year round comfort in any conditions. 

Webasto heaters not only warm the cabin, they eliminate dampness and condensation. So you stay comfortable in all seasons. And that means you’ll get more enjoyment out of your boat - all year.

Webasto offers a comprehensive line of heaters to fit all types of boats, including air heaters for smaller to mid-size vessels, and coolant heaters for bigger boats and yachts. And with a Webasto coolant heater, you also can enjoy an inexpensive source of hot water for showers and the galley. Webasto also offers hot water boilers for all on- board hot water needs.

Aquatech Marine Limited
Aquatech Marine Limited